Tip of the week: Predict a Customer's Mood with Sentiment Analysis

Predicting a customer’s mood allows you to provide an experience that is customized to their unique responses. Fortunately, Ushur’s Language Intelligence (LI) module makes this possible. The best part? Setup is super easy!


  1. In the workflow, open the LI module settings and enable Capture Sentiment.

  2. Use the system variable “ClassificationSentiment” in the workflow to observe. Use “@” in a module to list down all the variables and you can see “ClassificationSentiment”

  3. Based on the customer’s response, the LI module will either classify their sentiment as positive, neutral, or negative. Next, design a workflow based on each sentiment and provide your customer with a personalized response!

More info on configuring sentiment analysis can be found in the Ushur service desk here.

How have you used the LI module to measure sentiment and create an event better customer experience?